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High Consequence Areas in aeeo.-elanee wiih  . '11:, ,7-.
redeeal i-egn1aiions,sonse areas near pipelines inane iseen ‘-  -
dcslgnatcd as lligls Cclnscqucncc Arcas. For iliese areas. by s. ’ ‘ 1 ‘gag;
§\\l|)plL‘InL‘n[a] hazard assessineisi and prcvcniion programs I -.91 _— “ -— _
klm\\\\ is as Intcgrit) Managcrnclll Progralns lsaie lieen » IS ,, K.
dmclopcd. lla pipeline opcralor lsas High Conscqllcncc

As-eas. inlonnaiion alioiii usese plans may lse availablc

iliioiigls useis- company: iielssile or by eoiiiaeliisg use

operators corporate oiisees.

There is a iiiele i-aisge olpniuiieis n-aieling iliniiigls use

llwousands olnsiles of isipeliises. L‘\\'L‘xything ri-oin gas los-

ions eas- io oxygen for hospirals. l\\/lemy oi usese prorhlcls eais

lie lsiglili- flammable. lsannliil il inlsaleel. eause cyc oi slnss F R E E T R n I  N G
in-ilaiion or possibly eaiise dill-‘ieuley lii-eallsing. some of use '
inaiei-ials eoiilel eaiise eni-ininineisial uansage. Bccallsc oi _ _ _

uiese pcllcntial liasasels it is unportant loi- oiii iseiglslioi-s to °a"‘"9 3“ '5 "*9 "'5‘ 5"’-Di b“f Whafi _9'59_5"°"‘d
in ibis ,0 mug,” a p,pCi,,,C Wk, your crews know to avoid liming utlllly ilnes?

visil to request a

Can Owners Build or Dig on a Right-Of- nee onsite training irom our damage prevention
Way? Pipclilm i-iglsis—or—ii-ay must he kepl [see from coordinator. We're ready to help your learn stay
sn-iieiiis-es and oilsee obslrllcllons lo p|‘0V1dL‘ aeeess to use safe and avoid fines.

pipclmefiu mullxfelxflllttfi as WC” as in use Lwcnt of an T E E
eines-geiiei-. lla plpL‘lu\\L‘ es-osses y0|l|‘ property: please do = = E
isol plant iiees oi- large shrubs on use rigl1l—of—\\\\.iy. Do noi 
dig, huilds sios-e oi plaee anything ois or near use eigliisaola Black mussnergy
\\\\.«1y iiiusoiii nesi having use pipeline company: pcrsonncl

mark ilse pipeline or slakc use |‘|g]1IS'o['\\Vdy and eaplaiis use

eoinpaisys eonsn-iielioii and easensessl ieiiiiis-enseiils to you.

We Need Your Hel -l-lie isaiioisxs inls-asn-iieiiiies, - - - -
including pipclmcs,  a  of   ii  Sam! Is Ill nrsl ummyl
nilness suspicious activity on a pipeline i-iglsi—ol—wa_»; please

report is so use appropriate aiiusoi-iiies as soon as possihlci

oi you may eall use pipeline operators niinslieis. Threat

adv\\s0riL‘s nia, lse found at use Dcpartmcnl ol Homeland

SccuriIy's nelisiie it/xml/.:1ix.i.goxr/{U1ipubllc.


National Pipeline Mapping Sgstem For

info.-snalion aisoiil pipclincs opcraling in )0|lr area. you

may eoniaei use Nalional Pipeline Mapping Sysmnl (NPMS).

-rliis elalalsase clipipclinc oisesaios-s and uie loeaiiois oi their

lines was dcsi ncd for use iililie to have aeeess to eoisiael

     ,i   Know what: below-

Tliis iiiionnaiioss eais ise found as XI/ll/Hlsll ins. Imtmmlai. c  '

_:/on. visil ll/mu/.p}'1o1._r/oi//nboufrp/Inlga/ofiteii/ofice— a before you mg‘
,ii,—.iisfely loe snos-e information. For iisloi-nsaiion on sale

eaeaiaiiois go oisliise and iisii iiniio.eonsinoisgsossnszeillseisee

cam. K.
    o    A\\\\ A L B E MA R L B
You [tin eloislsiliiililo ilie saleiyanel seleiiiilyolyoirii-k pmud ,0 be in Commb,-3 Coumy
iseig s CH’ soo i nowlng ii mrv: plpt‘ iises as e‘ an nowiisg

how to recognize iiisaiiusonaea aeuiily on signs oi a leak, Namai Gas nmmlssmn

as well as ha“ in |'CS|)CI\\\\d in use ease of a pipeline accidclll.

Pipeline companies eossiissne lo sis-iie to lie good llcigllhonta H28 gathering lines

and iiisi like any good nciglmhorlmod iialeli iinigi-ain.

iseiglslsois look on. for eaeli ouies-. .loiis in wieli ilse pipeline

Compallics to kccp our lainilies saie. 3

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