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We are pleased to partner with other torward—thinking
people and organizations to prornote darnage
prevention in Arkansas hy prornoting rornrnuniration

and tearnwork. The torus of this puhlieation is to eelehrate the I

vietories of partnership and to point out the possihilities — not ' I

just the prohlerns. we ar-e looking for aehievahle solutions

rnade possihle hy those who are willing to shar-e their unique

perspettive and then work together to aehieve a rornrnon goal.

with rhallenges like “weve got rnore work to do than we've got

people to do ii" and "we tan't get those tolks to work with us,"

rnany have resigned thernselves to the idea that things tan'l or 1

won't ehange. Their explanalions are perfectly rational and

persuasive to all who will areept the status quo or the majority

opinions ol those who know their- lirnits and have resigned thernselves to serond hest.

Yet such individuals or organizalions are heing passed everyday hy those with tar less ahility who
haven't learned what rant he done. we agree with these dit>rerente rnaker-s that the diversity or
needs and ideas ofall stakeholders is rritiral fur the rreation ota partnership strong enough to
rnake tor erreetive and heneheial change.

If you are convinced that things can he hetter and have a desire to work with others to rnake

it happen, you ar-e going to like this publication. it you like it. share it and eneonrage others to
suhsrrihe to it.

The tost otthe rnagaaine is underwritten hy advertiser-s in the rnagaaine. we appreciate

the eornrnitrnent they have rnade in supponing our eflbrls in Arkansas. Many or these sarne
organizations will either exhihit or- sponsor the upeorning Arkansas Darnage rrevention surnrnit.
it is my hope that I'll have the opportunity to rneet you at the surnnrit in springdale on April

.4 — .5‘ aoaa. man on attending this year. Attendees are signing up, exhihitors are already filling
the exhihit hall and a great lineup or speakers has signed on. I'd like the opportunity to rneet you
and rnore innporlanllyz to learn more ahout how you define a snrtesstul projett or- partnership.
Henry Ford was onre quoted to say ”\\tV1w2(her a man thinks he tan or he rant do a thing he is
right." we can allow the rurrent trustrations, lailures and disappointrnents ereate insurrnountahle
ohstaeles (or us or we can rhoose to rnake these sarne rhallenges he the eernent that hinds us

all together to keep Arkansas a sater place to work and live. You don't really know who you ar-e
or what you can aeeornplish until you understand this vital point ahout the power of positive

our really rool start has an extensive hatkground in huilding people skills as well the darnage
prevention industry. The artitles are written with yon in rnind. sorne are new terhnology, sorne
focus on partnership. sorne torus on how to do it right and others just for the inn or ii‘ hut rnayhe
we rnissed the topit you were looking ior. it so, we trust that you will take the tirne to let us know
how to rnake the rnagaaine more relevant and inrorrnative.

Let us work with you to ensure that all the stakeholders teel that they are vitally irnportant to the
darnage prevention protess and (or one very good reason...they are.

Roger Cox
ACTS Now Inc.
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