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Publisher’s Perspective
Welcome to another issue of the Arkansas 811 Magazine! Here’s hoping that you have been able to stay safe during this unprecedented time of uncertainty. Everyone is led in their own direction as to how best to cope with the news. One thing is for sure. As you look across the state, you’ll notice that excavation and projects are nearing all time highs. Construction is not slowing down. This is not a phenomenon here in Arkansas. Surrounding states, for the most part, are also setting record highs in ticket volume. Does that mean our industry is out of step with other industries when it comes to caring about the safety of their employees or citizens?
Well, of course not. There is not an industry in America that focuses more on public safety than this industry. We understand what we have to do, and we observe the protocols for ensuring maximum safety for all involved. We understand there are risks involved in what we do and have always been. That’s why we prepare ourselves to handle the risks in advance.
As many of you know, the Damage Prevention Summit was rescheduled from this past April to this upcoming October 12 – 14, 2020 at the Holiday Inn and Convention Center in Springdale. We’re pleased to tell you folks are signing up and the exhibit hall is filling up. We think the Summit session team has put together a fantastic agenda this year. You can get a glimpse of the proposed agenda in this issue. Check it out!
I want to take a moment to thank all of the advertisers of the Arkansas 811 Magazine. Your continued support helps make it possible to provide a consistent dig safe message with the damage prevention audience. And these are the same people you want to reach. We hope you find value by advertising
in the magazine. The magazine was not created for the homeowner or occasional user of the system, but for those industry professionals who must learn to work together to promote public safety and minimize the disruption of underground utilities. A great way to reach that audience is to become an advertiser in our magazine.
If you want to subscribe to the 811 Magazine, call me at (501) 269-1000, or go to www. and click on subscriptions. All magazines are mailed quarterly at no cost to U.S. addresses only. Perhaps you see the value of advertising to our targeted list of recipients, or you have questions concerning advertising, give me a call. We’ll make it easy for you to get on board.
There are a lot of good stories in Arkansas that we never hear about. If you have one and want to see how to get it published, give me a call. We can make it happen.
Let’s get stronger together!
Roger Cox President ACTS Now, Inc.
2020, Issue 3
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