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As many of you know, the RCGA connects the national CGA mission of shared responsibility and partnership with groups of local stakeholders.
The Damage Prevention Summit typically works with Regional CGAs giving stakeholders who are unable to attend the national CGA annual meeting an opportunity to learn new damage prevention skills. The CGA only has two requirements for becoming a regional partner.
• One of the Regional Partner’s primary objectives should be to promote communication about damage prevention Best Practices.
• Regional Partner’s must agree not to exclude any stakeholder group from their discussions.
So, while the attendance was very low at this year’s Summit, there was serious discussion about enforcement and working together for a safer Arkansas.
It was announced that the Arkansas Damage Prevention Summit would get back on its time schedule in 2021. Next year’s Arkansas Summit is scheduled at the Embassy Suites in Rogers on April 27 – 29, 2021. We’re already lining up knowledgeable and exciting speakers for 2021. We hope you’ll mark your calendar and join in the discussion for effective enforcement in Arkansas. What does it look like? How will it impact you and your organization? Who will be held accountable for digging without a ticket? For failing to locate within the limits of the law?
Mark your calendar... you’ll want to be part of this discussion.
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