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Introducing Summit Utilities Arkansas
Summit Utilities, Inc. is excited to announce that it closed
its purchase of CenterPoint Energy’s Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texarkana natural gas distribution assets. The Arkansas assets formerly owned by CenterPoint are now owned by Summit Utilities Arkansas.
Summit Utilities Arkansas has joined the larger Summit Utilities, Inc. family, which includes sister companies: Arkansas Oklahoma Gas, Colorado Natural Gas, Summit Natural Gas of Maine, Summit Natural Gas of Missouri, and Summit Utilities Oklahoma.
While the name may be different, the people, and the commitment to safety remain the same. As an energy
provider, and a public utility, Summit is committed to playing a pivotal role in helping build safe, strong, and prosperous communities.
“Unintended and uncontrolled releases of natural gas pose a risk not only to the safety of our team members and communities but also the environment,” said Nathan Knell, Senior Director
of Environmental Health Safety and Training at Summit. “One of the new technologies that we are excited to deploy at Summit Utilities Arkansas is
a damage prevention application that we’ve created in-house. This application allows us to track gas loss caused by damage and location, and helps us
focus our damage prevention and public
awareness programs on areas that need the most attention.”
In addition to the Damage Prevention Application, Summit will continue to uphold its tradition of educating the public about damage prevention. In fact, education is one of the cornerstones
of Summit’s damage prevention program. Limiting damages, circulating informative communications, and focusing on outreach to excavators and homeowners to bring awareness to the dangers of line strikes promotes greater safety and reduces emissions.
The damage prevention team works with internal and external parties and
is dedicated to continuing to implement new technologies and improving on best
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