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before you dig.
As usual, fishing with Mark is more than just fishing. Mark and Vinny discussed safe digging and talked about their years of service in protecting underground infrastructure. Mark said, “Vinny is a dedicated guy to his job and his commitment to protecting gas and pipelines is obvious when you are around him.”
He continued, “It was a privilege to spend a day on the water with Vinny. His smile never stops. It’s amazing to consider his 40 years of dedicated service to this industry. Vinny is all about hospitality and making you enjoy your time around him. We had group dinners and activities every evening as you’ll see in the show.”
He paused for a moment and said, “Now as for how many fish we caught and how big they were, you’ll have to watch the show. But we ended up catching them mostly on topwater along with a few other baits.”
Mark said, “I’m privileged to get to work, fish and share time on the water with folks like Vinny. I would also like to say thanks to CenterPoint Energy and all the folks who dedicate their talents to protecting our underground infrastructure. To be a part of getting the 811 message out to individuals,
to work with other committed stakeholders in creating
the awareness to dig safely really hits home to me as a landscaper. I have guys working at home and I want to know we’re not going to hit an underground utility line and get one of them hurt.”
Probably the best way to see where “The Direction” airs
is to go to their website for details. The website is www. This show is airing on Pursuit Channel in February and March. It will be seen on Discovery later in 2022, additionally, you can find “The Direction” on Mossy Oak’s Go Hunt Channel, Outdoor Action, Way Point TV and many others. We are reaching 10’s of millions of viewers through the viewership and our commercial campaigns across our entire network of channels.
Mark concluded, “Both 2022 and 2023 look to be exciting times for the show as we continue branding, educating and sharing the damage prevention message. And just to set the record straight, Vinny Vickers is a great fisherman and I’m proud to say, I’ve made a friend for life.”
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