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By Mmhael Dawnes
””’”“9“"”“ new zmpluyne is learning so ooerase a
, haelshoelle seesns so have she hang olshe
VR 3 xper-1 ence oonsi-ols and underssands how she equipment
_ _ _ reacls so his input. lies read all of she sraining
aids tr“ "11" g ruaserial and has reviewed she safzty dasa. lles ready Io

say his hand as snoving sorue dirs.

But just as he sliees inso she eanh, he hears she sound

F of rnesal on snesal. lle knows sorneshing went wrong.
But what?
I l I .
_ J I Almost inssanslv. she loudess sound hes ever heard
( J’ \\ rorues from she ground along wish a hlass of dehris
. _l d she rush of noxious as. lie has darua ed a hi h
:.z_l’i A 3“ . 5 . 5 1%
przssure gas line. lie and his backhoe are hlown
 — — « haokward.

llis world slowly lades so hlaels.

...l>uljusI shed a rnessage appears helore him in whise
lessers. lis she grim ssasissios on snrviving sueh an
evens. Then she.-es niore (zxt explaining whas went
wrong and how so avoid a similar arridens in she

Thais all possihlz heeause he's using a vinual realisy
headses wish soluvai-e created specifically {or she

, zxcavalion equipruens he is iraining any nos a real
, ‘ backhoe in she lield. The vinual realisy siruulasion fezls
, real. and she tonsequznczs of lailure are sohering —

hus nos deadly in she way shey are in actual realisy.
The sophisticated solsware shas allows srainees she
ahilisy so learn and rail in a sale rnanner was developzd
hy From she Futurzy a Tzxas hased firm shas oerers
hands—on vn sraining rnodules.

According so .vussin Mullin. vice presidens or hsssiness

, devzlopment as rrorn she nuure, she seehnology allows
repesisive sraining and individual hands—on praosire
: shas would he difi-‘lculi or impossible so conduct using
‘ \\‘ real equipmznl.
g # _ _ “VR si-aining solusions ofier she lreedon. Io fail and she
 __ _ ff _ _ '____ W7 _ __ , __ ahilisy Io praclice so oer-lersion so snalse you niueh more

reliahle as your role; he said.

rrorn she nunre has heen in husiness ahous u

g years and devzlops VR rnodoles lor industry’
_ leading corpurale clienls in helds as diverse as
 V (elzu:-mmunicalions, hospitality, healthcarz and
ruanularsuring. Their way or u-aining workers is saking
 A:-Hy due so how shorough is is.
“The VB sraining is a much snore rohuss sraining
‘ rueshodology. It captures she assension of she srainees
. ruueh hessen whirh leads so high levels ol engageniens
‘ _ , ‘ and resension more zfiicizncy. safety and oi-odssrsivisyx
,T A L __T he said.
a . 511M.:g.:1me 2020 Vssuzl

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