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P bl’ h ’ P t’
ears ago. while working as the water superintendent in a
small town in southwest Arkansasy I was fortunate to work
with 3 ru3yor who herarue rnore ot3 inentor than a mayor. I
ott tirues we'd talre a break lilre ruany in the small town . _ —

would do and End ourselves at the local drug store. You know, the I

ones with 3 rounter and 3 roltee pot. A plare where the locals would

go to solve sorne ol the tnore eotnpler prohleins that were haming the

world leaders of the day.

it was not uncommon to hear soineone get 3 hit loud 3nd only so tollts

rould hear what was heing said. whether they wanted to hear or not. ‘

Then when challenged to solve the middle east crisis, could he heard

to say, “Aim nothing to lL..l could solye that in lo tninutes" and then

[ollow up with whatever was on his mind.

As we lett one day atter he3ring rnost ot the world's prohletns solved. ruy rnentor loolted at rue. shoolr
his head and said, “Be r3retul son. anytiine you are around [olks that ran est3hlish world peare in ten
rninutes, you prohahly dont need to talte any advice lrorn thern on anything else either."

Well ol rourse. ruy rnayor lriend has long heen gone lron. the trustrations or dogs running around
loose without tags and streets filled with potholes. l trust the streets or gold he wallrs on today are
tree from such distractions.

lioweyer. the lessons lye learned trorn hiin are still rryst3l rlear. The world today is jusl like that
little drug store and theres still lollrs loudly prorl3i.ning easy solutions to eotnpler issues surh as late
lor3tes, darnages and zfiettive entorreruent.

Ynlt ran hear theru say, “All you got to do is hire inore people." or “If you d just lire those lorators
who are haying daruages, you ll solve your pmhlein.' l rant help hut shalte my head when i hear
these kinds of responses to real problems. of coursm I shake it on the inside, not on the outside
herause l don't want to throw water on anyhodys raruphre. But it the plan doesn't inrlude hnilding
relationships that lead to inntnal trust and respett. you and your plan is doorued to tailnre.

I'm Ialking ahout a relationship where individuals rorne together lor rornrnon goals. one that is not
ahusiye toward any position held. one that listens I0 ideas with the purpose of hetter understanding
the perspertiyes or all iiwolyed. coruplianee issues may hring these folks together, hut rointnitruent
to 3 roruruon goal will lteep thern working together so as to he snrresstul. so is it possihle to aehieye
surh a relationship with the great diyersity all stakeholders hring to the table? And oleonrse the
answer is yes. it is ahsolntely possihle.

lt hegins with trust. You ran have a rornruittee without trust, hut you rant huild a meaningful
relationship without trust.

The next critical step in inaintaining the relationship is good old fashion honesty and integrity. ll it
needs said, say it out say it with kindness. ltwe rant say it with lrindness. don't say it at all. ll you
r3nt say it so as to huild the hridge. then what you are 3hout to say is 3hoye your pay grade. Find
someone who can mediate or facilitate the issue so as not to tear down whats already established.
Try it, and you ll he surprised to Find that the irupossihle is not really irnpossihle. lt jusl takes a little

lioger Cox


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