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M A a E. 1' . I.. L s
4 GenterPoint Energy Employee Award Recognizes
Damage Prevention Leaders
5 What Can White ljning Do for Vou?
What Tough fimes Teach Us
About Ourselves
The Advantage is Clear. White Lining
aozousmz Saves fime and Time is Money
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The entire contents copgrtghled 2020 by Arkansas an Magazines
Pmshed “mg 2°20 A" "gm Mewea 8 whg I Wear A seatbelt Behind the Wheel
12 First-Ever Online Training and New Best Practices
for Working Safely Near Underwater Pipelines
14 Me and Dillard
15 Flood coverage
18 Updated Excavation Equipment to Watch in 2020
18 Nulca Press Release
20 Jacobi Perspective

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