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to enjoy liie during this pandemic, then Lets look at positive thinking irom them to berome a bettei- person — oi-
you may be one or the more positive another perspeetive. As mentioned. nation. shame on us ii we don't.
thinkers with a defaull position on the research shows our deiault position Le . I, . ‘ N h 5. _Th

right side oi the ccinlinuuln. may be a in ratio of positive to negative "““.'g °'“ “.'". "' ."". 9

, thinking ivith 80% oi our thoughts “’°'”“"d“ P‘"d""" '5 ‘“""‘9'“€ ‘“°

it you are asked it you want to be sad hm M ed“ Barbara FmdE__ickS_m vvorld eloser together as everyone nghts
or happy, my guess is that you would in hi bfnk MRM‘ immdmd ' the same enemy. The lessons ior all
piek the latter over the iormei-. The tart ‘he “mm ‘:3 mm ‘DY; 3 31 mm To oi us are: it the eolleetive intelligenee

is negative and positive thinking are ' . ’. is smarter than any one individual,

. , do that. look back to Learning Palm , .
mutually eireliisive. so we will not be and 2) the degree oi eoopei-ation in
. . Number Three: we become aware oi , . .
happy thinking ugly thoughts. . . . the seientihe ccumnunll tells us that
our propensity to think negatively shut H ‘. 1 EV _ ‘h

Learning Point Number Three: Do ofi that swilch and turn on our positive .‘°d.°‘.d"’°]>’ Wf. “"1  F“: '“°;:’*  i
you have the neeessary se1i—eontrol switeh by thinking about the blessings ;:‘u‘;;s“:n ::‘":_“"m 5  of
to shut on your internal switch oi in our lives. ‘h h . ‘ ‘ 5” Y

"“g““"° ‘}“““"5 3"“ ‘° ‘“"“ °“ V°“' Learning Paint Number Four‘ Like any ESE am at S-

positive Due? Ynu do that by direrting amt "wide ‘his 5 [hob .5] muscle in elosing this article. you need to know
your thoughts to the more posilive hm“; mg“ Er ‘lfdfh [Wild mm numerous studies have shown pcisilivily
ehai-aeteristies in your liie. aemeinlier 5 P ‘ leads to improved health. thus longevity,
the cliché: we are what we think about Learning point Numher Five: in more and closer iriendsliips. improved
most. paraphi-asing the words oia reeent personal and proiessional prclductivily,
ms leave the COWD19 world for politieia; I I‘1‘112 chfiiegigeéijslmply and positive people make more money.
a moment while i mention a iormei- °.""'“h fl 3 ° "_"‘h (jh. ‘.9 Now you have it. what are you going to
eolleague and dear iriend vvho suirered ‘“'“f" “ ;°‘““‘“ ab ‘:5 :"P"‘§"f° do with it? Your ehoiee. '

a devastating stroke ID years ago that *3‘ *5 "5 °‘” Y" “‘" 9 “ ‘". 3" ,° ,

H‘ mm ma“ ml my ‘H the prevent iutui-e viiuses irom having this Lorry Cole, p]7.D., rsfimmier of

P Y P Y - i
. . enormous impaet. reontmor o corlsulnng company Ihal

words oi Dale Carneglev How to win '1 I I 1‘ h I d
Friends and lniluenee People, he The bottom line is to take advantage oi 2 P‘ !‘’”°’’ 9 ""” ‘"9" E" P 9”” ”"
learned to aeeept the woi-st that might the adverse events in our lives by using ‘?“”“°"‘ "’“’/‘" °°"""""‘ "’ L“”»V “’
happen and enjoy the daily blessings ’“""'"'"'°°@9'"“"-‘""'-

liie has to ot=ier.

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I .

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PLUS integrated data captuve. GPS positioning. and a more : _

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