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Was Angbodg Hurt.

_ henever an iueisieus occurs — ous in she field
xgwm“ or in she s1'mp,"was anyhosiy hurt?" is she nrss
jmksonfibs question shas crosses your mind. And well is

' should be:
A worirer injured on she job eau he handicapped ior iiie — and
whos gonna pay ior his care? ii he wnrks ior you and you dnn'I
have workers comp insuranee — guess wlmis gonna pay ior an
oi shis.
ii anyone works ior you — even parl sirne — you're reany roiiing
she dice ii you dons earry workers comp.
‘ “My ssase says i siou's have so." No‘ your ssase says you muss
. ~ have is ii you have a eersain nurnher oi erunioyees. is aoesns say
' , anyshing as an ahous how you're nos iiahie so pay mesiieai bills
, - 1» and rehah and loss wages if sonseoue who worirs ior you gess
hurs on she job. seeause you are liable.
 - consider a ear wreck ior just a mornens. Less say you send
¢ ' sorneone so she hank so rnaire a deposit or drop on mail oriving
one oi your vehieies. lrurk hauling eouiomens ior examplas
and shere is a wresir. is aoesns matter whose iauis is is. whas
ruassers is shas your esnoioyee is 1murt—wait, was shere snore
shan one emplnyee in shas vehirle? worirers Comp pays ior
, > unlimiled — yes unlimiled — rneoieai hins. And rehab. is even
/ s 4 \\ pays ioss wages ior a eersain number oi weeks
V ’ why wnuld any businessman pul hiruseii in shas oresiiearuens
' when workers Camp is a eoss oi doing husiness and is
-. s —- dedursihle? Just as dediictible as she siiesei iuei used so run
\\ \\ V3 . / shas eireavasor. on shey oisen only buy 1iahi1isy insuranee
Q‘ . heeause is is required — eisher hy sheir Board oi consraesors
J‘ /_,. or she job shey are doing. But ii someshing goes wrong. she
- insuranee ageus is she 4sh person so knnw ahous is, righs hehina
-be’ ‘I’ _ she guy who did is, she guy he did is so and you, she mntraclor.
er‘: I  Yuu can exrlude yourseii irorn coverage ii you choose‘ but
_ ‘ '- ‘ why on earsh would you?? is's she mnsl inexpensive‘ must
. , B  B S comprehensive eover-age ior job reiased injury on she planes:
/ , herneruhershas pan ahous"1osswages'? You also need so know
u M ' shas a ios oi hea1sh insuranee rompanies are aeeiining so pay
1 worir—reiased injury claims.
\\‘ - " Yes, wnrkers' comp eornoanies audit your paymlls every year-
I so he sure shey are eoneesiug she righs amounl of orensiuru —
c _‘ , and yes‘ if your paymlls are 1ess shan expected‘ you will ges
- V : . a r2fund.Moreimpcu'lanI1y: if your paymlls exceed whas was
» anliripaled, your workers are covered anyway, and she premium
1 wons he cnllected ior sheru uusii ners audit or renewaii
' Guys — going shors on insurance isn's saving you nioney as
- all—iI's eossing you in she iong run. 1 was onee sold‘ “Ynur ioh
is so se11 rne insurance." No, aesuauy, my job is keeping you ous
oi enaneiai trouble in she evens oi an arcident. whesher it's a
/ nsissaire you rnighs have made. a red iighs your guy sieeiaea
so runs a ladder shas slipp2d—die oppnrlunities ior loss are
in ruoss cases. eouns on workers Comp so saire eare oi is ior
you and shernx .
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