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always enjoy ivatcliing a good Iontball garne. It's a cliance engineering in planning and irnpleineniation to ensure
to talre a nrstliand loolr at a group of individuals coining pipeline integrity and safety. -rliere niay be a mnflicl between
togetlier io acliieve viclory by tiindarnentally executing plays tlie current location oi tlie pipeline and the needs oi tlie
in tlieir ganie plan. [I talres extensive planning. cooperation land inodification project. Tlie project planning process
and coordination to pull on a win. This type of ieainworlr talres may indicate tlie need to relocate the pipeline or altei- tlie
place tlioiisands of tiines a yeai- belween hazardmls inaterial land modification project. A plan sliould be developed and
transmission pipeline representatives and individuals and crews provided to the pipeline operaior well in advance or lirealring
iaslred witli sately exravating across liuned pipelines. ground on the pmjecl.
sately digging on or across a hazardous material pipeline riglit— Team Meeting
of—way ialres tearnworlr. 1-liese lines often contain volaiile liopiids A , . . ,
ny iirne excavation talres place on a pipeline now. a
or natural gas under exlreme pi-essui-es. Earlm step or I112 process i Elm __E rmmam mm he mm This __E_mmdon
inust be executed liy liotli pipeline repi-esentative and excavalion P P . P . . P ’ P . .
crew Bath lialves nf tliis ieain wanl to lie as sale and productive '"“"“g “”°"" P‘P""“° ‘"1" ‘° 1°“ ‘ ‘°"“ '“““"€ ‘“”‘ "‘°
' . . . crews pertorining tlie ivorlr. During tliis laceetoetace. tlie teani
as possilele. wlien tlie tearn inalres a winning game plan and eacli k I _. _b k. d .
la er on tlie teain executes tlieir assi ninents ilie team wins. ‘"3 *5 3 5”” P 3" P‘“’‘ “*3 mg ‘3'°3‘". 5“ 9”“/°.““ '5 °"
F Y 5 ' the same page. For inany operators. this is also tlie tune tliai
l-iere arejusl a tew eirarnples oi the plays eirecuied during tlie a now perinit or agreenient is presented whirlw docuinents
Row crossing: and contirnis a clear understanding. Norinally, it excavation
time an Prelmalinn ::.:::":;:.‘:.‘.?:i:::;l:l:tl::';:';l:::l:i*1m:::::l:li:..
Making 3 winning ggma P1,“ ;5 , Emdal pm 0; any SP9“ excavation is iviiliin IO feet nf a pipeline or crossing the pipe.
0, Pmjm, p,.,,vam ngar .1“ ,,;Pai;,,a nu. may .m.,1yai,,,,d tlie teclinician rnust lie tlnere to observe tlie exravation and
modification, like parking lots or drainage ditches, require expert back!”-11.
Clear and Concise Cummunicalion
Pmviding tlie location or the dig siie, ilie type of worlr and
contact intorrnaiion Io tlie regional sii notification center
is crucial prior Io beginning any now crossing. wlien tlie
pipeline representatives receive tlie nnlifications, they begin
their research to see if a pnlential conflict exists. Ifno conflict
U‘”~‘" "“"”‘NG ACADEMV exists. tlie pipeline technician will provide a positive response
back to tlie caller ottlie one call request. ltiliere is a contlict,
tlie pipeline ieclinician nntifies Ilwe caller ortlie nolificalinn
to arrange an onsiie meeting witli tlie crew prior to breaking
ground on the fight nf way. in sorne cases tlie caller oi tlie
nolificztion is not actually tlwz person oi- lorernan in cliarge
ottlie exravalion crew. II is critical tliai tlie positive response
oi- tlie reopiesi tor a ineeting is aclrnowledged by tlie caller
and passed on to tlie rorernan ol tlie ioli. l liave heard several
stories or communication gaps tliat have led to both darnage
to the pipeline or a close call due to unautliorized excavation
   an ‘he flgm of my
. _ * ' ._. A Few Rules or Engagemenl
"V we 5 5 siinilar to rules oi a garne, tliei-e are very strict i-ules and
A‘ M ¢ g regulations when il cornes io crossing pipeline riglllyohvay.
c 3 siinilar rules of engageinent are found when excavalion ialres
place on or across a railroad now. These rriles are in place
wx/Iv  to lreep worlrers and tlie general publir safe liecause Imlh
railroads and pipelines transport hazardous inaierials.
888-882-8777 For your safely here are a lew commonsense rules to follow:
'"'°@“‘““"“-‘°'" w WURKSMARTER! wlien digging on or near a pipeline riglii-oi-way
cross perpendiculan or as close as possible to 90 degrees.
and rnaintain at least a two loot clearance lrorn tlie exisling
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