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CONTWUED FEOM PAGE 14 "Honey, do you want lo slay wilh us sonaelhing, believe he's going Io he
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5”“E°“"‘““P“"“P‘“5‘*““d “"‘““ ['11 he Dk"gT11EIrul11v\)"as Ihou hsheg‘ yelhus doin whal needs lg he done
‘"5 ‘°“P1°‘“1Y °“‘ °"‘“"“‘3’ ‘ "’°"‘ ‘“ rneanl well she hurl more lhangshe EOdlzl)V’)V1'|EnflE els haelr he won't
'5“ *‘°““ “"8 9”“ “W ‘’'°‘’‘ 8°‘ ‘" ""3 hel ed lwas sad before she ol lhere l he hehlnd on allghe ehores " nlllard
°°""°' “mm '°°"‘ 3"‘ “"9” “"°"‘" wasp sad and seared when sheglefi ’ slaled corlfidenll '

stick of wood on lhe ere. sornehow ‘ Y‘

building a snowman wasn'I on rny hsl ol [slept filfully. The sun eould nol eorne so we worked hard all mnrning

Ilnings l wanled lo do lhal day. up lasl enough I112 nerll morning. cows gelllng ehores done. we rnade lime


“W 51"‘ W"? “Y Wm‘ 8”“ 5”“ “’ s litlinp rnore wood and feelin so ' weelrs h2fn1'ehhe sunyealled him horne
“L S““““‘“‘’ 3 1°‘ ‘"8 “"P‘“Y‘“‘§ {Erin sgelfke Ime so de resseg lfln. Dillard sla d whh melhal ni hland'
“ ‘° “’°”Y “'”°““ ‘“‘"‘9" ““ P"“Y eyen syee Dill:-d wallrln Pu lhesle s ke 11112 fir}: oin The ronmgwas

5"” ‘ W“ ‘“’°""“‘ '"°” “’*‘°" sh‘ 3°‘ until lhe door slammedgshfll wllh ap Iozpsl and l sgle lgeaeerull

Ihrougln lallrlnglhan l was before she h H .d “D H‘. M 1 V P P Y‘

slarled. “Just pitiful. as sure—foot2d c:]"f‘;is (fl::'1i-uar:“_§i. ‘:‘1’in5"‘;u“‘hm Whatchanged? Nolhlngl lhadlwo
as A Va is, W 0 WDII ave I on t . . vv . en 2 visit me sinre I 2 news 0 m

1 h ‘d 1‘ " ‘Eh rls dang eoldl No douljlsahoulryl he P P1 h ‘ Y

snmelhing like lhls muld happen." she was mm“ D; “W ohm“: He and Uncles lall. one hroughl rne lood. -rhe
sald. "land whal wnrries me mosl is lhal “me” 3 C“ D‘ mm mi Ea‘ jaw“ olher hroughl rne hope. My Auntie
your unele rnlghl nol rnalre it lhrough at ‘he kMm{‘1 “HE loam at m and earne haelr horne Ihe next day and lold
the nlghl," said Mrs. Anna Bel1e.“l\nd asked ..w}_a‘,s Wm; ,,, rne lhal unele would he an lhe hospital
your Aunoe just gol aver Ihat slrolre. ' 8‘ tor a whlle longer, hul would he haelr
shes harely ahle Io keep hersell. 1 don't llold hhn as much as l lrnew. And Ihen honae helore loo long. He sold lo tell
how ln lhe world she'd he ahle lo lalre llold hhn rnore lhan l lrnew. l repealed hls llllle rnan Io keep up wllh lhe

care ol a rarnhunellous hoy lllre you. whal Mrs. Anna Belle said, 11131 Uncle ehores as hesl as l eould, so he would
We'll jusl haye lo cross lhal hrldge wou1dn'I rnalre h lhrough the nighl and nol he loo far behind when he tame
when we gel lo ll." Ihal l rnlghl nol gel lo slay wllh Aunlle. horne.

Merci ll y s 2 1115 e u an starle "S not D r W D u want In B ess our Eart, Di ar Hsure now

Illyl-lfihdpd d hhyhydyo lyh lld k
oul lhe lronl door. she lurned and said heheye Ihal? If you insisl on believing lols ol folks who eould use you loday. .
‘ Would you spend a nickel
to talk to an excavator’!
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